Project Update 18: #TERMINALLEGACY

Quick Update

Hello all,

We’re in the waning days of post-production, where we refine and nitpick and make sure everything is perfect. It’s a painstaking process that usually demands a lot of hours and keen attention.

But, just to give you an inside scoop of what we’ve been doing, here’s a couple of pics from the sound design work we’ve been doing.

REWARD UPDATE – For the $100 tier, we apologize for the delay in the scene that was promised. We haven’t released it yet simply because it’s not 100% finished (97% is an accurate assessment). We would rather show you a finished product vs. a nearly-finished product.

Also, though some of you sent us your mailing address when we were asking for T-shirt sizes, once the rewards (DVD, T-shirt or poster, stills, etc., depending on what tier applies to you) are ready to go, we will send out a blast requesting mailing addresses so that we can…you know, mail you your rewards =]. Kickstarter only allows us to send out a mass message to each reward tier once, and we would rather wait until everything’s ready to go and ship it all at once to you (especially those of you overseas).

Thanks for reading, stay tuned! The light at the end of the tunnel is visible!

Posted by Brian Kazmarck


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