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A Man, Buried

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Kyle is a drunk, and when his do-gooder doppelganger is unearthed by his son in the backyard, this disengaged trailer park family finds themselves whole again. But not if Kyle has anything to say about it.

Synopsis: In a permanent state of disrepair, Kyle (Tony Doupe) sits in front of his trailer all day, drinking beer, and attempting to ignore his family. His wife, Pam (Darlene Sellers) and two kids (Played by Tony Doupe’s real life son Dawson Doupe and deftly adorable Carly Norton) have long since given up on him—only his teenage son continues to acknowledge his existence, but even that seems to come under threat when the family discovers a crude coffin buried in the backyard.

While Kyle is out on one of his binges, his family unearths, to their great surprise, a second version of Kyle! This “new Kyle” reveals himself to be sober, dependable, and caring—in short, superior in every way—and he quickly wins over the family’s affections. The strange gets stranger when “original Kyle” arrives home from his binge and comes face-to-face with his superior doppelganger.

In the end, “A Man, Buried”, is a short film about beer, the mysteries of the trailer park, and the human condition of being too lazy to give a damn.

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February 22nd, 2012

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