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SUMMARY: James wants nothing more than to be a normal college student. However, it’s hard being normal when your childhood imaginary friend comes to college with you. Alden, James’s non-existent counterpart, makes fitting in more difficult than it sounds. Between forcing James to come along on his fantastical pretend adventures and pressuring him into mischievous escapades, Alden makes James’s college experience interesting to say the least.

PITCH: We (Jordan Dunn and Michael Kvamme) co-wrote “Alden & James” and have been developing the project for almost a year. Mark Lester, a filmmaker friend, helped get the production going and directed the pilot. The three of us, accustomed to shooting short films with no money, took this opportunity to go above and beyond any previous production now that we had a small budget. We spent two months casting the show from an amazing mix of comedian and actor friends, putting together a hilarious and talented group of people. The locations, cinematography, costume, art, sound, make-up, and lighting departments did a superb job and we want to finish this project in post-production with the same standards of perfectionism that we had on set. Post-production has begun and we need help making the polished, professional project that we all want to watch.

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Project Update 18: #BLOODSWORTH

February 22nd, 2012

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