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Project Update 14: #THEYLIVEAMONGUS


We have four days left in our campaign, and are working hard to get across that 10K mark. Here’s one way you can help:

@LittleBigFilmCo has pledged for today only (Friday 27th Jan 2012), to donate $2 for every new bonafide follow via Twitter! This is wonderful and just what we need to get over this hump. So please, take a few minutes, log into your Twitter account and give @LittleBigFilmCo a follow – and while you do, give him a “g’day” and tell him that you, too, support TLAU!

If you are visiting this for the first time, please consider donating to our campaign. I thought I’d take a little time today and post links to the project website, directing you to specific blog entries, talking about the inception of the series, and offering character background from the world of They Live Among Us:

The World of the Fallen

Caim and Buer. Two fallen angels, fighting inner demons

Peg Entwistle: A Tinseltown Tragedy

Serafina. On the boulevard of broken dreams

Rocco. Little boy lost

Lucian: The A-list flesheater

Lillith. The all-american succubus

Caim & Serafina, soulmates. Bound together in life – and in death

The man in the bar. A silent spirit

Paradise. Lost



Posted by Anne Lower

Project Update 13: #THEYLIVEAMONGUS

Sorry for the late update!

I had a bit of recovery needed after Tweet-a-thon 2012. It was a good time to be had by all – 72 hours of me, Tweeting live, fielding questions, interviewing cast and creating some prankishness for three solid days.

Here’s a video recap: http://theyliveamongus.com/2012/01/20/the-tweetathon/

So here we are with 5 days left, and just over 8k to go! I know we can do this.

The indie voice has never faced more challenges. We struggle to be heard, amid the cacophony of corporate entertainment. Why are our voices important?

Because we speak the truth.

So I am asking you to spread the word about this little tale of fallen angels and the mortals they love. If you’ve backed TLAU, then tell your friends and encourage them to do the same. If you haven’t, please send me a message at annelower@me.com, telling me why. Pledges start at $15. That might not seem much to you, but this campaign has had 10,552 visitors! If one tenth of them gave the minimum pledge, we would be fully funded!

I’ll be posting many more updates now that I have begun to recover. I look forward to hearing from YOU!

Posted by Anne Lower

Project Update 12: #THEYLIVEAMONGUS (Jan 2012)

Good morning all you lovely people!

We are preparing madly for the TLAU / Office Hooky Tweet-a-thon 2012! It looks like we are going to get some media coverage… and of course, would be ever so grateful if you help to spread the word.

Another video to post! Here is the dashing and uber-nice guy Allen Marsh (Lucian) taking some time out of his day to talk about TLAU:

A Word from Lucian

Posted by Anne Lower

Project Update 10: #THEYLIVEAMONGUS (Jan 2012)


LOS ANGELES, California (January 12, 2012) “They Live Among Us” writer/director Anne Lower is preparing for her upcoming 72 hour Tweet-a-thon, as part of a crowdfunding campaign, to raise capital for her series.

Sponsored by the Office Hooky Chat (#ohchat), Lower will issue live Tweets and recordings, interacting with Twitter account holders around the globe, taking questions about her project.

“They Live Among Us” is a web-based series that follows the lives of supernatural beings – fallen angels and spirits – as well as the mortals who love them. “I wanted to write about social issues,” Lower said, “but I knew that if I delivered didactic content, no one would listen. So I created a world in which one fallen angel tends the homeless, while another loves a battered prostitute. My goal was to create thought-provoking and entertaining content that would make people think.”

Office Hooky Chat founder Jay Donovan adds “#Ohchat launched 2 months ago with 4 people chatting with each other. Its growth and reach is staggering. Since inception, #ohchat has reached nearly 400,000 people with 4 million impressions. I felt that the combination of our reach, and of Anne’s entertaining online presence would result in a really unique event.”

The Office Hooky Chat at #ohchat is a fun, lighthearted Twitter chat where people can enjoy Office Hooky responsibly. #ohchat is moderated by @OfficeHooky two times per week, every Wednesday and Friday. @OfficeHooky is the Twitter handle of Office Hooky, a transmedia brand that provides escapist fun through fresh, original content.

To participate in the Tweet-a-thon, people will log into their Twitter accounts beginning Wednesday, January 12 at 10 am PST, and search the hashtag #ohchat. Lower has pledged to go without sleep, issuing round-the-clock Tweets and posting videos of her hourly experiences on the “They Live Among Us” YouTube channel.

Lower is trying to raise $18,000 to fund the next three episodes, each of which has a running time of 13 to 15 minutes.

To find out more about the “They Live Among Us” Indiegogo campaign, visit the project website at http://theyliveamongus.com .

Protect Me During My Tweet-a-thon!

Posted by Anne Lower

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Project Update 18: #BLOODSWORTH

February 22nd, 2012

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