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Photography Finally Wrapped!

Principal photography on “The Crown and the Dragon”has finally wrapped! Over the weekend, we had actress Amy de Bhrun far from her Dublin home and into the snowy mountains of Utah… by which we mean, an indoor heated pool. But we did take her to visit the mountains.

We had two underwater scenes that we couldn’t get in the icy waters of the Atlantic when we were filming the rest of the movie, so we brought our nymphs and heroine to a far more civilized location, and spent the day bobbing up and down in a wonderfully warm pool.

Add some sea weed, some lights, some VFX in post, and voila, the ocean.

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Prequel to “The Crown and the Dragon” available today!

The prequel to “The Crown and the Dragon” went on sale today in the UK. You can pick it up in most major retailers, or order online from Amazon.co.uk:


So any of you UK fans out there, check out the first act of the Paladin Saga.

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“Osombie” – our other Kickstarter

Hi Friends,

So while we have been busy on post for “The Crown and the Dragon”, we also shot a little zombie movie, which we put up on Kickstarter a couple days ago, and now it has EXPLODED all over the internet, like a head-shot to a zombie brain… wait, that’s a little gross. How about, it’s spreading like the zombie apocalypse?

You were such wonderful supporters on “The Crown and the Dragon”, I wanted to make you all aware of it, in the hopes that you would continue to support our growing company. Some of you have already stumbled across it, and backed us once more, and for that we thank you.

Here’s a link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/285427038/osombie-feature-film

Please tell your friends, and help us spread the love of “Osombie”.


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Dragon Scale

One of the tricky things in making a VFX creature is determining scale and sticking with that scale throughout the production… if you watch closely, you’ll often notice the size of a creature changing substantially in an effects heavy film – because sometimes the composition looks better if it is bigger or smaller, or the camera angle works best if it is scaled up, etc (or maybe you just want it to be scarier in a particular scene).

In an effort for consistency, our VFX team mocked a dragon into a key shot from the film, and here are the various scale options we have:

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Dragon Model Progress

Thanks to your efforts on Kickstarter, we are making progress on our dragon model. I’ve attached some preliminary shots – they are untextured “grey” models. They are the base geometry that we sculpt before painting (texturing) the dragon with it’s base colors, and then shaders to make it look living.

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See model below:

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