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Project Update 18: #BLOODSWORTH

In the thick of it…

Hello Friends,

Just a quick update. Thanks to you I’ve been back east all month working on the film and shooting with Kirk (I’m actually writing you from his apartment in Maryland). I’ve made a lot of progress, solidifying the overall structure and story of the film and tracking down archival footage, not to mention the incredible footage I’ve captured with Kirk here.

I’m gearing up to head back to Idaho at the end of this week and will be sitting down to organize rewards including the Bloodsworth prints, signed books, and the short films… so look for emails in March requesting some info from you.

Up next, I’m working on bringing Kirk out to Idaho in April for a week of interview and a special event in which I will be shooting Kirk telling his story (hopefully) to an audience of nearly 700 people. In the meantime I am getting work underway with our animator, Matthew Wade, and looking forward to having a great piece to share with you (and funding organizations) early summer.

Thanks again for your incredible support of this project. More soon!

With Gratitude,

Posted by Gregory Bayne

Project Update 18: #AYEARWITHOUTRENT

The Final Day

from Lucas, who posted this update today to the first campaign.

This is the update where I’m supposed to get all teary-eyed and profound. Or, where I wow you with “One More Thing…”. But I don’t have any of that right now. There’s no big, epic, raging party at the finish line, no balloons falling from the ceiling, no confetti, nothing grand at all. At least, not that I know of.

And that’s totally fine.

I’m not even on a set today. I’m going to go down to Santa Monica and hang out with Dustin Pearlman and his couch will be the final AYWR couch. Simple as that.

The updates will keep coming as I catch up on everything, but the road trip is over. I guess you could say now that we’re heading into post-production. So it’s not like this is just going away.

But I think what gets lost a lot in talking about AYWR is how important the community has been in quite literally keeping this thing afloat. Ultimately, this is your project and a document of how you collectively operate. I’m just the guy going from place to place to see it first-hand.

Without you, AYWR doesn’t work. Without you, it’s nothing.

Over on the blog, there’s a version of this same post where I asked people to post their reactions to AYWR’s final day under the hashtag #AYWRfeb18, and I’m compiling a bunch of those there. I’d love to see yours.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. It’s been a hell of a year.

- Lucas

Posted by Victoria Westcott & Jen Westcott


Project Update 4: #3113MOVIE

Rewards Update

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to tell you that we have received the funds from Kickstarter and Amazon and have put in motion the orders for all of the rewards including posters, t-shirts, DVD’s and Blu-rays. Most of you can be expecting the rewards in early March.

We submitted to 25 festivals at the end of 2011, and with your help we are getting ready for a big wave of submissions that goes beyond what we have done thus far that will include some of the biggest festivals. None of which would be possible without your help so thank you all again.


Eric Demeusy


Project Update 17: #AYEARWITHOUTRENT

He did it!

Lucas is 5 days from the end of his Year Without Rent. I kinda can’t believe it’s almost over. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we all rallied to help Lucas finish the year.

Here is Lucas’ most recent update about how he’s feeling, what’s next & where he’ll end up: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lmcnelly/a-year-without-rent/posts

Check it out, leave your comments & keep on rockin’ those film projects!

Rewards have been sent & are coming. Please see the expected delivery dates on your pledges & contact me if you expected yours & it hasn’t come yet – I’ll forward your message on to the appropriate filmmakers.

Thanks for being awesome.

You are adored.
Vic & Jen

Posted by Victoria Westcott & Jen Westcott


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Project Update 18: #BLOODSWORTH

February 22nd, 2012

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